Friday, June 5, 2009

Impressive Fundraiser Create for a Cause 2009 Overnight Walk

I attended a most impressive Charity Auction yesterday afternoon at the Weston Golf Club, hosted by RoseMary Fuss of Wellesley, MA

Create for a Cause
“Arts and Crafts” for 2009
Please join me for an open house
at the Weston Golf Club
Thursday, June 4, 2009
3:00 - 7:00 pm
Light refreshments will be served
Create your own work of art --
a piece of jewelry or fashion accessory
note cards stamped, sewn, or personalized
tile coasters and more...

With the patient guidance of our talented artists
Liliana Glenn, Glass Bead Artist
Robin Boucher, Craft Queen of Wellesley
Catherine Gentile, Button Box and Quilt Shop

Participate in a silent auction featuring one of a kind crafts
Learn about the important work of the
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Support the Tommy Fuss Team as they again walk from
dusk to dawn to raise awareness and bring issues of mental illness
and suicide out of the darkness
Donate now at by selecting any member
of the Tommy Fuss Team or at
What a super fundraiser that was as productive in raising money and awareness as providing real time learning, instruction and inspiration to participants.

I didn't know what to expect as I arrived at the Golf Club. When I walked into the room a few minutes before the official opening, I was astounded by the spacious array of organized craft tables.

I quickly took the landscape in and started getting a bit of an adrenalin rush। I love crafts and do not know so many disciplines, but was eager to get started।

The day swiftly unfolded into an experience I will not forget.
The space was adorned with raffle items and silent auction products that were donated by local artisans.
Not much of a socialite, I didn't even know what a silent auction entailed. The gathering of people was informed of the details of the raffle and the auction items, and we all quickly caught on। I thought the raffles were the most fun.

It was easy to get the raffle tickets at the central processing station, manned by college student, friends and family to accept cash, online payments and generally handling the accounting! They made it so easy to participate and fun, too.

  • Carol Gentile, artist, seamstress and quilter extraordinaire, proprietor of The Button Box Quilt Shop & Sewing Center in Wellesley at
  • Note cards hosted by Robin Boucher, "craft queen of Wellesley" , a woman passionate about crafts and shares her enthusiasm with everyone she knows. Robin was assisted at the tile station by Effie, one of her many protegees. Effie was so helpful and encouraging that anyone who visited the station walked away with at least two coasters.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is the nation's leading nonprofit funding a wide range of ground breaking research, educational programming and critical policy work on suicide prevention. All proceeds of the event go to sponsor the Tommy Fuss Team as they participate in the AFSP's annual Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk. On the night of June 27 -28 The Tommy Fuss Team will be joined by some 2000 other walkers, walking from dusk til dawn -- 18 miles through the streets of Chicago to raise awareness and bring issues of mental illness and suicide out of the darkness. They walk in memory of their beloved son, brother and friend, Tommy Fuss, a seventeen year old who died by suicide in 2006. For more information or to make a donation go to> and donate to any member of the Tommy Fuss Team.
Updated:  You can donate to the 2012 Tommy Fuss Team here.
Or at and select any member of the Tommy Fuss Team.
See more of Liliana's work at her website; or visit her showroom at 43 Main Street, Suite #2, Natick, Massachusetts.

Now, on to the craft stations. I first visited Carol Gentile, a professional seamstress and crafter. She had three sewing machines set up. She had donated an amazing fabric and bead collage, only wish I had a picture. Anyway, at her station we learned to sew fabric onto paper using computerized fancy, oh so fancy stitchings!

I wasn't too good at driving the foot pedal and made some boo boos even after practicing with just paper। But is was so fun and we were all learning something new, while Carol patiently taught us the art form.

The next mini seminar I went to was the Marble Tile Coaster table. This was am amazing exotic finished product. Using Stamping Up and StazOn ink, we stamped onto
what I think were Botticini Tumbled Marble Tiles to make coasters. The finished product is the coolest. I made a hydrangea!

Not being a jewelry person, but loving art for art's sake, ventured over to the bead table, which was very popular! This was hosted by Liliana Glenn an amazing artist who is passionate about her hand made glass beads and you'll see why, when you see the pendant I won. Super lady with a natural gift for teaching and bring out the creativity in anyone, she had us non-beaders making some cool bracelets, necklaces, key rings and one brave young lady made some neat earrings.
I won this extraordinary pendant by Liliana.

The next station was making note cards and this was a very popular table that I never could find a seat, but I wasn't worried as I make my own greeting cards anyway. This station was always well attended .

RoseMary had the place hopping and while we were all snacking on divine culinary delights of asparagus, beef kabobs, summer squash and chicken skewered with peanut sauce for dipping, prior to cheese trays, and fresh fruit and vegetables.

The cause was to help donate to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. RoseMary's team will be walking in Chicago at the end of June to provide some more funding assistance to this organization, camaraderie and emotional support to those families who have been affected by suicide.

Whilst this is a little publicized disease and affliction, families affected have no concrete knowledge of the genetics, neurology and sometimes coping mechanisms of those affected. Solidarity seems to be a common theme to help survivors.

RoseMary is totally dedicated to the cause and I think she did a superb job making this fundraiser a huge success.

Donate to the Tommy Fuss team.
Please tweet and twitter, and share.

Vaya con Dios

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